Training Compliance Manual

A well-built Training Compliance Manual should demonstrate the understanding of pest control regulatory compliance obligations. This is a vital piece of the onboarding process for new service technicians and for the regular annual training for the seasoned service technicians within a company. However small to medium-sized Pest Control owners have all sorts of duties each day that they need to manage, and the development of a well-built training compliance manual may seem like an extremely overwhelming task to accomplish. We get that and are here to help by providing a Training Compliance Manual that provides the appropriate detailed compliance programs. These programs include pesticide safety training records, respiratory protection programs, label training, spill control procedures, medical care facilities notification, ladder safety program, heat stress prevention programs, truck inspection programs, and a progressive disciplinary action plan.

The Pest Posse Training Compliance Manual is a comprehensive, easy-to-use manual that meets the precise needs of pest control regulatory compliance obligations. This manual will minimize your risks by providing your service technicians with comprehensive pest control regulatory compliance programs. Using this manual in conjunction with Pest Posse Academy will provide your company with a training program that will achieve a better onboarding process for new service technicians as well as provide a comprehensive annual training program for season the season service technicians.

A digital download of the Training Compliance Manual can be purchased here. The purchase price is a one time fee and the manual can be used repeatedly after downloading. 

Please contact The Pest Posse to find out more information on purchasing a hard copy of this manual.