About Us 

Who is The Pest Posse? Ultimately it is you… the service technician and the small to medium pest control business owner.

Our mission is to be a trusted resource for training and information that the pest management professional needs to grow their skills and knowledge in the pest control industry

To achieve our mission we provide accurate, quality and relevant video-based training that will provide the pest management professional tools needed to exceed the expectations of their customers, legislative bodies and the companies in which they work for. Our training will be fun, engaging and true to life. It will not only result in deepening the understanding of the pest control industry, but it will also bring the pest management professional to a new level of professionalism. We are here to make sure that everyone in the pest control industry has the same opportunities and resources as everyone else no matter how big or small you are. We were founded on the simple principle; For Technicians, By Technicians; Available Anytime and Anyplace.


Our History  

The Pest Posse was founded in 2017 by Culley Christensen and in 2018, Foster Brusca came on board to keep Culley in check and to help grow The Pest Posse. These two pest management professionals have a combined 45 + years of experience in the pest management industry. 

In September 2017, The Pest Posse launched a video-based series dedicated to the pest management professional. Each week it continues to provide consistent content to the pest management professional. The goal of this series is to provide timely information to the pest management professional so that he/she is aware of new products and changes in the pest control industry as well as the skills needed to succeed in the industry.   

In April 2019, Pest Posse Academy was brought to life. This academy was created to help the pest management professional perform at his/her best at all times. The goal of the academy is to provide an online training platform that will bring a new level of training to the pest management industry. 

Culley Christensen 


Founder of The Pest Posse


Visionary and creator of The Pest Posse YouTube weekly series

Trainer for the Pest Posse Academy 

Current licenses

California Branch 2 operators license (general pest control)

Branch 3 wood destroying organism license


1995 Started in the pest control industry and has worked at several pest control companies in California.


1997 While working for a large pest control company in California, advanced to a branch level commercial supervisor at one of their larger offices


1999 Began running the turf & ornamental department at this same branch office where he was the commercial supervisor


2007 - 2017 Worked for a couple of different Pest Control companies in San Jose California. 

2011 Promoted to General Manager at one of the Pest Control companies he was working for in San Jose, California. 


Culley has done almost everything in the pest control industry and has never been one to shirk from a challenge. His strengths are brainstorming, big-picture thinking, leadership, problem-solving, customer service, public speaking & training groups or individuals.

Foster Brusca 


Producer, editor, and co-host of The Pest Posse YouTube weekly series, basically the Head Wrangler who keeps everything going and keeps Culley in check


Trainer for the Pest Posse Academy 

Current licenses

California Branch 2 field representative license (general pest control)


1993 Started in the pest control industry


1994 Started the commercial services division for a medium-sized California based Pest Control Company 

1999 Was promoted to Supervisor for a large Pest Control Company in California where he aided in developing a new service center in Salinas California. 


2005 - 2018 Worked as an Account Manager/Outside Commercial Salesperson for the same large Pest Control Company in California where he aided in developing a new service center. During this time Foster was number one in outside commercial sales for 10 years in a row and was the first salesperson in the company to reach $500,000 and $1,000,000 in annualized outside commercial sales.  


Foster has always risen to the top in pest control sales and pest control route production. His strengths are communication, problem-solving, customer service, organization, and sales. He pays attention to detail and is great at accomplishing his goals.